day 35 without #JIMIN. im starting to think that hes just an imagination that my mind made up for me to stay healthy and happy
day 36 without #JIMIN :/ im not happy
day 37 of waking up without #JIMIN :/ still not happy :/
day 38 without #JIMIN /@:@:&:&:&:$;$&/&/ im going insane
wait i forgot about this well day 39 without #JIMIN :// not That unhappy but still :///
oh well :/ day 40 without #JIMIN ://
day 41 for yesterday i forgot :/
DAY 42 TODAY GODDAMIT im about to go insane
day 43 without #JIMIN :/
day 44 yesterday, day 45 today without #JIMIN idk im giving up on this thread
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