If any of y’all have an issue with people making LGBT+ specific, trans specific, minority specific art threads I want you to 1. Look at why it upsets you (it’s probably privilege) 2. Unfollow me if that doesn’t make you reconsider what you’re getting upset over.
I see a lot of threads for people of colour specifically + they’re just not my place to join + that’s Okay! It can be so difficult for POC to break through barriers in any industry, art included. Why shouldn’t they have a space online to connect + uplift one another?
There are so many threads out there for everyone to take part in happily + if there happens to be one you don’t fit the mould for...it’s okay to just scroll by + say cool, I hope that support thread is finding people new followers alike to them in experience + background!
Threads that excludes majorities aren’t putting majorities at a disadvantage. I know I’m privileged in the art scene because I’m white, + because art depicting white ppl is just more common/accepted. That’s why I actively try to make my art a diverse, inclusive space.
So, if you’re feeling discriminated against over not being able to take part in POC, body positive, or LGBT+ threads, maybe...check why, + check the last time you drew a person of colour, a fat person, an GNC person. Have you only done it once? Have you ever, at all? Reflect.
Yes, a mutual I just blocked prompted this thread, yes, they only draw white people exclusively 😗 couldn’t be less self aware if they tried.
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