I don't think any of us is surprised the Lockdown is extended by two weeks. Today is Day 21 of the official Lockdown for many of us, and even now nobody seems to have a clue about what is going on.
To lift the Lockdown would have been disastrous, so it had to be extended.

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We entered the Lockdown without even knowing why we were doing so. 'Experts' spoke about how numbers would come down because of a 14 hour lockdown. We probably believed the numbers would just drop.
It doesn't.
Had it been done right, the numbers would have gone up slower.

Social distancing alone will not help.
The hotspots of infection need to be identified and isolated so the spread is contained.
If we don't have sufficient testing kits, pooled testing can be done. But unless this is done, the virus will spike whenever Lockdown is lifted.

People should also be educated on taking basic precautions- social distancing alone isn't enough, we need to be aware of contagions on surfaces. If we start now, these could become a habit by the time the Lockdown is lifted.

We haven't achieved as much as we should have in these two weeks of Lockdown. But if we want to even start to justify the price we have already paid, we need to start working in earnest now.
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