239 deaths. 6500+ infections.

Origins of MP govt cluster not traced (because they are not Muslims I guess)

Here's what happened in today's briefing.
PSS, Home Affairs: health workers to get security.

(because our govt has no control over the frankenstein monster it created)
Dr Ganga, ICMR: 16000+ samples tested yest. We have 146 labs as of yest.
LA: India's response has been preemptive, pro-active &, in fact, over-prepared. (unreal)

We have over 1L isolation beds & 11,000+ ICU beds- we are increasing these beds.
LA: AYUSH ministry is helping with immune boosting things using traditional medicine.
642 recoveries.
1135 infections yesterday
7447 total cases
40 deaths yesterday. (!!)
LA: Yest I said there is no such ICMR study (that Amit Malviya fake news)

*rambling ant junta curfew* Now says this rate is a statistical understanding but NOT AN ICMR study-- but the study data is correct..
Still rambling about how lockdown saved 8.5lac infections to only 7,500 something infections but it is not an ICMR study but it is an "statistical rate of growth"

Idk how to make sense of this
LA: Our focus is active contact tracing. Our outbreak containment plan is used to identify epicentre & map the extent of the cluster

(this is NOT true. We still don't know how the MP govt cluster came to explode-- but none of them are muslims... we keep circling back to this)
LA; Today our fight is coordinated by using Agra Smart City, which was converted into a war room.

(all pet projects are getting a shout out at COVID briefings except COVID data)
We are now discussing animal husbandry food distribution..

?! don know what to day.
Last 5 mins has been a shout out for UP govt & how fantastic things are in Agra (which btw has paid quarantine centre. No money to quarantine? Die)

India is an example leading the way, he says concluding his monologue
J: How many rapid test kits do we have? WHO says these test can only be used in r'srch setting, why are we using it in clusters?

Dr G: Supplies has not delivered. Kits toh aayenge- ab uska istemal kaise hoga?
(rambling but no direct answer on why its being used the way it is)
Online Q: HCQ shortages are being reported.

LA: There is no shortage at all. I have already explained that.
Last ques for ICMR: How's HCQ used as prophylactic on docs/nurses been? Does it boost immunity?

Dr G: I cant say anything because healthworkers need to be exposed for longer before I can conclude

(makes you think why didnt we put our HCWs on it sooner, no?)
Dr G: pls dont think of HCQ as a treatment- it is a prophylactic. It has to be used only for health workers, & people who care for positive patients. Dont use it for everyone. Pls dont do that.

(This bit is correct. Pls dont.)
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