Food laws and regulation that youth and women in agribusiness will have to know about and consider during this #Covid19SA.

A short thread:

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1. The right to have access to sufficient food as enshrined in Section 27(1) (b) of the Const. of RSA, 1996. Section 27 (2) mandates the SA state to take reasonable legislative and other measures to progressively realise this right.
2. The Disaster Management Act 57 of 2002 that focuses on preventing and reducing the risk of disasters, emergency preparedness, post disaster response and discovery. The establishment of disaster management centres and disaster management volunteers.
4. We will see a rise in contractual disputes, due to delays in labour shortages and the overall disruption of the food value chain.

Read a little about contractual disputes for entrepreneurs here👇
5. Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. Promotes a fair, accessible and sustainable marketplace for consumer products and services.
To promote responsible consumer behaviour and establish the National consumer commission
Some interesting passage on the legislation on food/Food laws:
"Poverty is multi-dimensional and cannot be reduced to a single definition"
Let me stop here for now. This thread is to shed some light on the protection and precautions youth/women in agriculture and food systems should be aware of. With #COVID19SA a lot more info should be shared amongst us. #AgribusinessTalk254

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