The selfish and privileged part of me mourns @Starbucks not being open at 3 am for me to get an Iced Lemon Loaf Cake and an Iced Guava White Tea Lemonade BUT the rational part of me believes they shouldn't be open at all. Then maybe people would take this seriously #COVIDー19 +
I'd be richer than @JeffBezos if I got a nickle for everytime a customer has told me the following: "I don't understand why people are panicked over nothing" "This is seriously messing with my life" "I've had a good life so I don't care if I catch it at this point" #COVIDー19 +
"I've always wanted to die so why not from this" "You're a hero for being here (No I'm not but thanks, I still would rather you all stayed the fuck home)" "What do you mean you can't sell me glasses, I need to see" "You're seriously not going to let me try frames on" #COVIDー19 +
"My prescription is expired and you aren't even going to help me" "You know this virus is government manufactured" "This is China just trying to destroy the American economy" "This is why I buy American" "Our government just wants to control us with this virus" #COVIDー19 +
The sad thing is that I hear these on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times in a day. It makes me so angry to see so many people brush off what is happening. I couldn't even comfort my crying mother today in fear that I might pass something to her without knowing. #COVIDー19 +
Everyday there are so many groups of teenagers wondering and loitering in the store. All the parents with their children who seem old enough to stay home or stay in the car while their parent shops (I understand every case and family has different circumstances) #COVIDー19 +
I see three friends come in and walk out with one bag of potato chips throughout the day. People buying a giant TV and nothing else. Young adults in herds of four to six coming in to buy an entire cart full of alcohol. None of those are classified as essential. #COVIDー19 +
I can't wait for the day that we close off ALL non-essential items/areas of the store. I hope we do it soon if at all. The mass majority don't seem to be listening and/or caring. I'll admit that in the beginning I made my fair share of jokes and I regret those now. #COVIDー19 +
Once businesses closed down and people started losing their jobs and kids got sent home from school it all became very serious to me. That's when I started taking it cautiously but now I'm mad. I am so fucking angry at everyone out there. #COVIDー19 +
This thread was supposed to be a light hearted joke about @Starbucks but now it's become a call to action. PLEASE. People I am begging you to stay home. If you try hard enough you can be entertained enough by trash that you don't need to come out to the stores PLEASE. #COVIDー19
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