1. The story is somber. New York City's trenches of death look like deeply dug roads. The city is stacking human bodies in there for burial. The cold and eerie scene only adds to the horror on deserted Hart Island, aka, "Potter's Field".

Death's haunting bells ring in silence. https://twitter.com/RudyGiuliani/status/1248478879582306304
2. The video above shows what looks like a 3rd world country. Tractors, men in hazmat suits, big open trenches, bodies stacked on each other for burial. The only difference that separates this scene from Bosnia or Croatia or Laos...is each individual body has its own casket.
4. In the late 1800's New York City saw its population and its death rate ever steadily increasing. The room they needed to bury their dead and the time it took for funerals was on short supply...especially for the dead who were without reputation, stature, money...or family.
5. When Jesus died on that cross on Golgotha, He owned nothing. His body would naturally have been buried in the Potter's field, a place just like Hart Island.

But, Joseph of Arimathea asked for and was given Jesus body to bury in a tomb that Joseph himself owned.
6. Most on Hart Island did not have someone to step forward, care for their remains, or bury them with services or traditions.

Most were prisoners, homeless, prostitutes or immigrants. Some are still not identified. Some are suicides, which excluded them from many cemeteries.
7. According to multiple articles on the subject dating back to 2015, about 1,000 people are buried on Hart Island per year, average of 84 per month. Seasonal death rates can be tracked too as homeless and the elderly often succumb to the elements in winter causing more deaths.
8. Extremely important fact!

"It is managed by the Department of Corrections and is normally the final resting place for anyone whose remains have gone unclaimed in the city’s morgue for ONE TO TWO MONTHS, or if a family cannot afford a funeral..."

9. Did you see that? I have found this statement in 5 articles already.

"The medical examiner’s office officials said they do not plan to reach morgue capacity..."

Wait. If they don't plan on reaching morgue capacity, then they have not yet reached morgue capacity!

10. But the news says there are refrigeration trucks all over the city holding hundreds of dead bodies because the morgue is so overwhelmed?

Well, which one is it folks? CNN and their refrigerated truck receiving a single pallet stacked 1 foot high with a white plastic cover?
11. Is that our proof that the city morgue is unable to handle the influx of COVID-19 deaths? Or, do we believe the actual officials who operate the morgue? They say they are NOT overflowing and overrun, and they don't expect to become overrun or overflowing with COVID-19 bodies.
12. So, if the city morgue JUST MADE the decision to bury the newly dead after 2 weeks instead of 2 months, if they body is unclaimed, unidentified, or the family is too poor for a funeral...and this report is from April 10th:

then somebody is straight lying out their cornhole.
13. Actually, it looks like a whole bunch of people are lying...most the media and many of these democrat leaders who are commenting on these issues.

Let's look at the facts. There are more deaths during the holidays and the winter season then other times of the year.
14. The fact that the morgue was holding bodies for up to two months after they passed away means that when this report came out of the new 2-week waiting period, on April 10th...the last day you could have died and still remained in the morgue for 60 days was February 10th.
15. We've already discussed the fact that more homeless and elderly people die during the winter time. Those 2 groups make up a significant portion of the people buried on Hart Island over the years and, January and February are the coldest months of the year in New York.
16. So, if the policy that remains could stay in the morgue for up to two months up until April 10th, then you have to get rid of the bodies in the morgue that died from approximately February 8th to March 27th.

The first COVID-19 teen death was reported March 14th in New York.
17. There could've been as many as 35 days worth of bodies build up in that morgue from February 8th till the first COVID-19 RELATED death in New York, March 14th.

I'm seeing claims that burials on Hart Island have been increasing in regularity since the start of the Pandemic.
18. These reporters say anything to make things look worse. But, the fact is, the numbers of burials on heart Island HAVE increased since the beginning of the pandemic which was March 11th, 2020. But, not because of COVID-19, but because 60 days earlier it was the dead of winter!
19. Beginning in early March, 60 days after the coldest days started gripping New York, the burials were going to increase whether a pandemic was hitting NYC or not.


In 2018, over 48,000 Americans took their own life. That's 2.6 times the number of COVID-19 deaths.
20. With nearly 5,000 deaths per month on average since 2015 in New York City, there's LOTS of reasons a person could end up on Hart Island.

Last photo = causes of death in 2017 in New York. When this is over, we'll have it recorded to compare to.

21. This NYC government site says there's a death every 9.1 minutes in New York City in 2015. That's 6.6 per hour, 158.4 per day, 4,752 per 30 days, 9,504 in 60 days...with no COVID-19 involved.

Some of them would no doubt be candidates for Hart Island.

22. If Hart Island started burying 25 a day, 5 days a week since the pandemic started, that's 4 weeks so...25x5x4 = 500 bodies buried in weeks. If 9,500 people die in 2 months on average, that means 5% of that average would need to qualify for Hart Island burial. Well...not hard.
23. Per Browery, 20% of New York City live in poverty which might make them eligible for Hart island. 9500x20% = 1900 people.

There's also 70,000 homeless in NYC - 500 out of 70,000 dying due to cold winters and the elements in 60 days? Easily possible. https://www.bowery.org/homelessness/ 
24. The somber truth is there are people being buried on Hart Island who passed without a friend or family member holding their hand. Many have never been identified or claimed by a loved one. There's 150 souls buried beneath each generic marker.

"Somber" is an understatement.
25. This document shows EXACTLY why COVID-19 numbers on the news CANNOT be trusted. These are mandatory guidelines for reporting causes of death. If a positive test result is received and the patient dies, it is to be ruled a COVID-19 death no matter the underlying conditions!
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