Just finished Onward.. SPOILERS IN THIS THREAD.
ONWARD SPOILERS! CW: death, hospitalization

I’ve never had a movie describe the fear you feel when a loved one is passing away. But more specifically the fear you feel when someone is connected to many lifelines/machines in the hospital at their time of death.

When I was 14 years old, my grandmother went in for a somewhat easy surgery.. which failed. She ultimately had complications that led to her death. My father brought me to the ICU where she was at when we received the grim news.
ONWARD SPOILERS!!! CW: hospitalization, death

I sat in the corner of that room, paralyzed. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t speak. The chaplain asked me questions and I just stared at him. I was frozen. Time felt the same. Fear had gripped my entire being.

That day, I couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye to someone who meant the world to me, my mama. I have lived with such guilt in my heart since that day. It’s affected a lot of my life, and I feel like my family significantly fell apart that day.

I’m incredibly thankful for this movie for exploring this, because it’s been hard for me to speak about it, even after all this time. My life changed significantly 9 years ago. And this movie helped me process that moment of my life.

My family suffered that day, and I feel the effects even now.. because my mama had a profound impact on us, she was our glue. I hope to learn someday how to become that glue so I can help keep us together and help us move onward from our loss.
Anyways, this was super vulnerable of me, and I possibly may delete this thread later. Go watch Onward, it was a much needed movie for my heart.
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