Daily data (to April 10) via @IslaGlaister
- Dreadful news as daily deaths rise to 980 to 8,958
- Slowing growth: Apr 2 to took 3 days for deaths to double. Now it’s 5
- Deaths more in day than Sp/Italy. Only France has passed 1,000 mark in single day. It reported 1,417 Weds 1/
And to put that awful daily tally into context, @IslaGlaister points out that figure of 980 is more than ten times the number of people who died during one of the most tragic events in UK history – the Hillsborough disaster. Just devastating for thousands of families 2/
Daily data via @IslaGlaister Nation/regional breakdown
- England recorded 866 deaths. 55% (478) in Lon & Mids
- Mids recorded biggest percentage increase of any Eng region
- Patients aged between 27 & 100
56 of them (btwn 40 & 93 yrs old) no known underlying health conditions 3/
Data via @IslaGlaister
- Is London tailing off against rest of country & can exit lockdown first?
- Charts tracking growth in Lon v UK show similar gradients (slight widening in #2 at end)
- Lon’s trajectory doesn’t point to different treatment. One to watch in coming days 4/
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