The earliest paper I could find on Remdesivir or chloroquine as possible Covid-19 drugs was from a Jan 25 letter to "Cell Research":

These tests were "in vitro." i.e. Done in test tubes & petri dishes, not people. A proper test in people takes months. 1/n
As of January 2020, Gilead was not even manufacturing remdesivir. They were hoping to make 140,000 doses by the end of May 2020. It would take them all year to make 1 million treatment courses.

I had never heard of remdesivir or hydroxychloroquine before Covid-19. But here's an old overview from the CDC website about hydroxychloroquine.

I went down this rabbit hole because I haven't been able to avoid the online argument surrounding this. (Who has?)

I'm now trying to find other primary sources on other drugs that are being tested or offered up under compassionate use for Covid-19.

If I find any interesting preprints, I'll be sure to append the link to this thread.

Be safe, everyone... (5/n)
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