These books are bloody beautiful. Settling in for another weekend deep-diving my collection. This is what I bought all these books for
The Chained Coffin is some peak level Hellboy!! It deftly mixes the one-‘n-done stories (that I usually favour), with the stories that move forward the mythos and the central story. Dear god, I do love Hellboy. I probably enjoy few comics more.
Another magnificent story. Mignola adds a bit more detecting/ investigating here, and Kate gets some wonderful face-time.
These pages are a particularly delightful sequence. “Sorry .. my first ghost.” Is a beautiful line.
Goddamn! The climactic fight sequence is titanic! Mignola is so deft at moving between more cerebral, tonal, conversation-driven segments and this sort of balls to the wall sequence, it’s remarkable. Also, panels like this really show off the library edition format!
Something so bloody simple, but so bloody effective in the way Mignola progressively goes bigger and bigger here in the apply named Almost Colossus
Right Hand of Doom is such a clever story. Like a recap page, but with so much more depth and personality. Really loving this re-read. It’s been worth the wait.
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