can’t promise I’m gonna stick to this
1. owen hunt
- I hate this man so much
- cheater
- pro life
- all he does is impregnate women
- will never understand how he got together with so many beautiful, intelligent women I just don’t understand
- krista vernoff kill him off and you will have my respect
2. dean boland
- possibly the most useless character to ever exist
- got mad at his wife for having postpartum depression
- cheater
- makes the same mistakes over and over again it’s ridiculous
3. adam dubanowski
- bitches think making grill videos is a personality trait
- got a boner during his wrestling match
- terrible husband
- had a hand in conceiving parker which automatically makes me hate him
3. dean forester
- I’m literally only 2.5 seasons into gilmore girls and I hate this boy
- insecure
- jealous
- anger issues
- tiktok eboy haircut does not fit him
- nobody actually likes him he’s just tall which comes in handy
5. ej caswell
- exhibit a: a billion sorrys
- I know he’s gonna get a redemption arc but he’s still annoying
- thinks he’s an influencer
- plays water polo
- deserved to lose those followers
6. josh chan
- the nice guy
- left rebecca at the altar to become a priest
- okay wasn’t *that* bad but would still fight him
7. ally dawson
- one of the most annoying disney channel characters of all time
- so punchable
- says the word pickles weird
- I’m sorry her face just annoys me
8. rafael solano
- whiny
- annoying
- got 100000% better after going to jail
- he do be pretty doe
9. derek shepherd
- I will genuinely never understand how this man is loved by so many
- selfish
- arrogant
- mcsteamy outsold
- manipulative
- the only grey’s anatomy death that didn’t make me cry
- got hit by a truck
10. pierce hawthorne
- definition of a boomer
- made fun of a guy who was suicidal
- nobody in the study group actually liked him
- racist, homophobic, etc.
- chevy chase is trash too
11. billy hargrove
- ugly
- racist
- abusive
- didn’t deserve his “redemption”
- was I supposed to feel sorry for that bitch? I didn’t
12. xander harris
- left anya at the altar
- stupid
- I laughed when his eye was gauged out
- didn’t deserve cordelia or anya
- causes so much unnecessary trouble
- I wouldn’t say I hate him but I would still throw hands given the chance
13. marcus pierce / cain
- lucifer writers really thought I’d believe actual goddess chloe decker would date this man
- ugly
- made some s3 episodes almost unbearable to watch
- looks like a thumb
- made ella sad
14/15. bonnie and frank
- genuine question does anyone actually like either of these characters
- both annoying as fuck and have never done anything productive
- I’ll miss htgawm but not these two
16. adam groff
- doesn’t deserve to date eric
- looks like a thumb part two
- yeah yeah yeah his dad is terrible or whatever the fuck but is that really supposed to excuse the way he literally threatened to kill eric ???
- I’m sorry I just really can’t get behind this character
17. mark brendanawicz
- I forget he exists most of the time
- treated leslie badly
- doesn’t deserve human rights
- thank god my guy ben wyatt showed up
18. perry wright
- abusive piece of shit
- so scary
- I’ve never cheered louder than when I saw bonnie push this motherfucker down a flight of stairs
- I know he’s dead but I will verbally fight him via ouija board
19. nate jacobs
- oh look at me I’m nate jacobs and I’m TALL so that must mean I have rights!
- a threat to society
- toxic masculinity
- manipulative piece of shit
- actually terrifies me
- I know people throw around the word sociopath nowadays but he IS one
20/21. cesar and monse
- they’re both annoying😭
- their storyline feels repetitive
- y’all are like 15 please stop
22. boomer
- rapist
- deserved to die two seasons ago
- stole from his innocent grandmother
- genuinely makes me sick
- I will personally run him over with another car
23. joyce summers
- didn’t deserve rights after she told buffy she couldn’t come home
- I cried when she died only because it hurt buffy and dawn
- I think I’m funny for using this picture
24. reagan lucas
- okay she didn’t actually do anything but her existence just annoyed me
- I don’t know why they introduced this character
- I don’t trust people who liked her and nick together
25. ellis grey
- girl why did meredith name her child after this woman
- so cruel and FOR WHAT
- bring sarah paulson back
26. marcia langman
- definition of a karen
- didn’t want the gay penguins to get married
- didn’t want sex education
- homophobic
- bad haircut
27. mateo solano villanueva
- this kid always being so fucking annoying and for WHAT
- narrated his mother’s sex life which is just weird
- always causing problems
- should have been aborted but that’s a whole other conversation
28. little girl from grey’s anatomy
- I have never been so frustrated with a child before
- literally no one:
this girl: 👁👄👁
- I will cut off her braids
29. parker sosa dubanowski (?)
- literally just a plot device
- half of his dna comes from adam so that makes me atomically want to fight him
- didn’t even try at the baby obstacle course which was simply just embarrassing
- will receive rights if jonah adopts him
30. lynne bowen
- brought her new boyfriend to ricky’s first musical without telling him like ???
- pretty sure the first rule of dating after divorce is preparing your kid to meet someone new and she didn’t even TRY to attempt that
- ricky deserves better period
31. kelsi nielsen
- her songs weren’t even that good only sharpay could make them interesting
- her glasses get on my nerves
- thought she was quirky for playing piano
- 👁👁
32. spencer walsh
- why did disney channel try to convince us that cheating is okay😳
- two timing pig
- teddy and skyler should have dropped the diss track he deserved hate comments
- just seems dumb as fuck
33. erica hahn
- biphobic
- how did callie stand her
- this isn’t even a debate I don’t think anyone liked her lmfao
34. preston burke
- left cristina at the altar
- so manipulative
- boring
- god complex
- also isaiah washington is homophobic so
35. tahani al jamil
- wasn’t terrible but was the worst of the bunch period
- accent is insufferable
- eat the rich
36. mike wheeler
- specifically season three mike
- used to be my fave
- mileven is one of the worst ships of all time I’m sorry
- mean to will and for WHAT
37. mary pat
- I had sympathy for her at some points but overall she was just really annoying
- always making the girls’ lives 10x worse when they could’ve helped her
- one redeeming moment was when she ran over boomer that’s it
38. barry berkman
- I don’t know why y’all woobify him
- thought lululemon was a candy store
- very interesting and complex character but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t fight him for all the dumb shit he’s done
39. hitchcock
- scully outsold
- says gross things
- not funny didn’t laugh
40. toby flenderson
- scranton strangler
- never did anything productive
- deserved to be bullied
- not interesting
- should have stayed in costa rica
- I always see people comparing him to jerry from parks but jerry was KIND
41. deangelo vickers
- I can’t stand this fucker I really can’t
- worst episodes of the office are with him
- mean to pam and jim
- wasn’t funny
42. naomi bunch
- no development
- manipulative
- heinous bitch
- rebecca deserved so much better
- her songs kinda slap though
43. denny duquette
- I don’t understand the hype
- your heart doesn’t work? bitch get over it
- came back as a ghost
- only redeeming quality was that he was rich
44. asher millstone
- if I was michaela I would cheat on him too
- murderer
- stereotypical privileged rich white boy
- covered up a gang ****
- worst of the keating 5
- not caught up entirely but I’m glad he was killed
45. sam sweeney
- my least favorite boyfriend that jess had which says a lot considering that she literally dated her cousin
- knew nick and jess loved each other
- just got on my nerves
- I’m allowed to fight him because he’s a doctor so he can fix himself after
46. simon spier’s friends
- treated SIMON horribly when SIMON was OUTED
- get over yourself
- they were much better in the book
- biggest flaw of love, simon
47. george o'malley
- I LOVE him but he’s one of the dumbest characters lmfao
- cheated on callie
- I wanted to beat him up so bad when he was with izzie
- almost went into the military
- was annoying during the sleeping with meredith situation
48. dan espinoza
- detective douche
- I am very on and off about him
- had some development but then totally backtracked ???
- gonna fight him over what he did to chloe in season one
- still has time to get better though I’ll give him that
49. luther hargreeves
- trying to date his sister
- ugly
- I don’t remember a lot about this show but I remember hating him
- most annoying sibling
- won’t shut up about the moon
50. rex powers
- homophobic and racist probably
- disrespectful
- gross
- tori should have let him die
51. shirley bennett
- condescending
- forces her religion
- thought she was better than everyone cause she was a mom
52. cece jones
- all disney outfits were ugly but especially hers
- her little brother was better
- b b b my bff
53. magda from jane the virgin
- pushed alba down the stairs
- one of the most infuriating characters
- manipulative
- just kept popping back up
- pirate looking ass bitch
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