Thread what is 'The Red Room'? What can you really find on the Dark Web? How to navigate the Dark Web.
1. I am going to tell you up front, that the DW (Dark Web) is no place for Normy's. Especially children. Don't think that a Tor Browser alone is enough security.
2. You MUST use a top rated VPN and have your device secured like Fort Knox. Never trust a free VPN and know that NORD is a scam. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CLICK ON!
The main reason I am telling you how to access and navigate the DW is because there is always a cynic that
3. will try and debunk my digs or call me a conspiracy theorist. So I am going to tell you right now, before you troll my comments, grow a pair and go research my content on the DW yourself.
4. I personally know a group of Anon hackers that were part of an op that took down a bunch of DW sites that offered the following. Child porn, auctions for the purchase of humans (including children), sexual abuse, torture and murder.
5. There are even sites where you can order organs that were harvested in 3rd world countries. You can get anything from a bag of weed to a hitman or a hacker. But, beware of scammer sites that will take your bitcoin and not deliever what you paid for.
6. I repeat: it's no place for normy's. It's ok to lurk, but be very mindful of what you click on. FBI cyber has sting sites on there as well. The reality is: on standard search engines such as Google, we only have access to about 4% of what's on the internet. Let that sink in.
8. When Q dropped about the Cannibal Club I decided to educate you on the Red Room. Just like pretty much everything else Anons bring to light, [THEY] have the Normy internet filled with articles etc calling the Red Room a legend or a conspiracy theory. 
9. As Q said, [THEY] call what's real fiction. We already know that [THEY] put everything right in front of us in movies.
10. [THEY] will say it's 'NEARLY' impossible to stream over IRC or onion. With modern tech and the money/resources these people have, mark my words, they may have figured a way to live stream on the DW.
11. However, [THEY] may just have the site (Red Room) where you can buy access to the live stream on the DW and you get a link as to where you can watch via something like a private version of Zoom. Hell there may even be an app.
13. Even if you can, I would advise you not to. The people in that Clique have links to the legit ones. These people are sick. Hardened detectives had to throw up and some cried after seeing what was on the Weiner laptop.
14. The reality is: you will spend a few thousand bucks just to watch. If you want to tell the torturer specific things to do, it gets more expensive. I have attached screen shots to illustrate.
15. I attached a screen of a few links. I didn't actually post them because someone may click on them without the proper protection in place.
17. Following the publicity of his arrest, scammers jumped in to action setting up fake sites to steal your Bit Coin. You can't report it because it would be self incrimination and you will never track down where your coin went.
18. I have found 3 Red Room links that I posted above and for obvious reasons, I didn't pay for access. I don't have the stomach for it and I definitely can't afford it. NTM I wouldn't know which of the 3 I found, is legit.
19. One of the Anons that took down a few of these sites told me some have an auction and the highest bidder gets to decide what is done to the victim.
20. In other instances a person can pay an exhorbitant anount of cash to have [THEM] kidnap someone they want to watch suffer. In one case it was an unfaithful wife. Every legit YouTube posted where someone had real footage of a live show got deleted.
22. Is Accessing Red Room Deep Web Illegal? Totally! Yes. “Paying” to witness a crime is the definition of “illegal”. That’s the reason it’s on the “deep web” and using the TOR browser along with a VPN is advised to be on the safe side.
23. Note that if you do not take the security measures, or even if you do and are caught, you’ll be charged as “accessory to the crime” because of the fact that not only you “didn’t” report the crime, you encouraged its proceedings.
24. Most Red Rooms only accept Bitcoin as the mode of payment. That is for the obvious fact of Bitcoins being the leading crypto-currency in the market, and that they’re untraceable.
25. So you can make payments without risking your identity or privacy, and at the same time, the administrators at the Red rooms can accept payments without being worried about law enforcement problems.
26. Some Red Rooms may also accept other Cryptocurrencies such as Monero (XMR) or Ethereum (ETH). Keep in mind, that onion links change periodically, and one that works today, may not work tomorrow.
27. If you are in the Clique you get notified of the new link. Otherwise you have to track them down yourself.
28. The Packages differ based on the individual platforms, some platforms have a single package for everyone, while others as shown in the above steps might have different packages with different access-levels.
29. So I believe that clarified quite a number of doubts regarding the existence of the Red Rooms, if you feel there’s something I’ve left out, or there’s something you’d like to add, feel free to let me know.
30. This portion of the article I attached completely debunks what they said about red rooms in another one of their articles that I will attach in the final tweet of this dig. [THEY] could be doing the exact same thing with torture, rape and snuff video.
31. Moreover, in February 2015, police in the Philippines arrested Australian Peter Scully.
33. Here is the other article. You can draw your own conclusions, but knowing what I know about these sick bastards, I tend to believe there are in fact real Red Rooms. However, I don't think just anyone can get access.
34. I would guess that it's a very private operation and the scammers have put out some fake ones. Or [THEY] put out some fake ones to convince us they are all fake.
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