#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The total number of confirmed cases are rising, but the growth rate has slowed. India now doubling every six days (but remember the base is large too!)
The compound daily growth rate of confirmed cases is 13.41%. This needs to come down!
1) The 5 Day Moving Median of new confirmed cases.
2) The 5 Day Moving Median of daily COVID deaths.
1)Total confirmed cases for hotspot countries (> 50K cases) & India.
2)Total deaths in hotspot countries (>3000 deaths) & India.
- Belgium has now crossed 3000 deaths.
How they #FlattenTheCurve :
1)China seems to have flattened much faster than South Korea (?)
2)More recoveries in Spain than Italy.
3)UK showing almost no recoveries(!)
COVID death rate per million:
1) South Korea, Japan, Italy... slowing.
2) Belgium, Sweden, Canada and India ... rising.
1)Daily COVID deaths in hotspot countries and India.
2)Change in daily deaths from previous day.
1) Data discrepancies between different sources. @JohnsHopkins @WHO @ECDC_Outbreaks
2) We need our own data source @PMOIndia #InvestInData
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