In the last four years, @JRubinBlogger has made many more comments beneficial to Democrats than Bernie, Cenk, Brie Brie, Sirota or anyone affiliated with TYT. The alt-left thinks we should chase them when there’s so many people in the middle already on board, waiting to join us.
If anything we should be playing on Republicans former ground not on our own. That playbook is 2016. We ain’t doing that again. First we solidify our true base (w/VP pick). Then, we should be encouraging people to become former Republicans, or Biden voters or to not vote at all.
We should in no way be discussing new platform ideas or how to best please Bernie people. We should be discussing Trump and why Republicans should be held responsible for him. We should be talking about #MoscowMitch and Lindsey and all the Senators up for election.
The truth in this statement is made clear by the shear number of bots desperate to discount it. They would hate MOST for moderate Americans of all stripes coming together. That’s why they push Bernie and his far left extremism to alienate folks in the middle. They hate unity.
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