NEW - I talked with @GovGaryLocke about being pulled into the 2020 campaign by the Trump campaign using a clip of him in a montage of Chinese officials.

“I don’t expect an apology from them. It is so characteristic of their view toward people of color.”
Locke is justifiably bewildered about what went down. He said friends and former aides have been reaching out indignant. His feelings: "It's anger."

“For a lot of Asian Americans, it’s not surprising, but it is disheartening,” he said.
Locke's father was part of the invasion of Normandy& Battle of the Bulge. Being thrown in (inadvertently?) to an ad because of how he looks "is racial stereotyping at its worst. Asian Americans—whether you’re 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation, will always be viewed as foreigners."
The Trump campaign has said that *actually* the Locke clip was a subliminal mention of Hunter Biden. Asked to explain how that was supposed to work, the campaign didn't answer. Also didn't respond about whether there would be an apology or the larger charges of racism.
Locke's friend @ChrisLu44 -- also an Asian American and also an Obama administration alum -- on the Trump explanation: “It’s bullshit.”

“It’s sort of comical that they think all Chinese people look alike, but more broadly, it’s part of an attack on Asian Americans as others."
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