Listen, no matter what you say about Mitsuki Bakugou, slapping your child and calling him worthless, maybe not even a day after we was kidnapped, is abuse.

It will never be Katsukis fault that he was kidnapped. He's what, 14/15 when it happens?
He is a whole ass CHILD. Yeah, he was an ass. And when we see his mother we're shown why he's like that.

Does it excuse the things he did to Izuku? Of course it doesn't. But it's an explanation.

He needs true mental health, he has obvious anxiety and probably some form
Of depression.

We've seen Bakugou have a panic attack, he doesn't know how to deal with failure because he was never taught a healthy way to do so.
Here's an obvious one: He 100% has PTSD. Not from just the kidnapping but probably from the sludge villain aswell. Everything that's happened to him at a young age made him who he is.

Bakugou isn't a 'horrible person' and he's not some sort of villain
Katsuki Bakugou is a teenager struggling with mental illnesses.

He's just never had the help and support he needed.
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