1/6 In the midst of #COVID19 hardship, Canadians are showing there is a lot to be thankful for. Being behind other country trajectories in the pandemic, gave 🇨🇦 the chance to implement measures & #SlowtheSpread earlier. #PlanktheCurve
2/6 Time may seem like it’s been standing still but we’ve achieved a great deal #TogetherApart these past weeks. We’ve held our own through progression of the #COVID19 epidemic, helped Canadians get home & our health system cope. #PlanktheCurve
3/6 These have been no small achievements. Thanks to all #HealthCareHeros, #publichealth, #ThankATrucker, and all Canadians #TeamCanada #COVID19
4/6 Changing our routines has been difficult & the uncertainty has made us all feel the strain. But knowing the numbers & where things could go, means we’ve got to double down & stay the course. Keep connected, stay kind. #COVIDCoping #StayHomeSaveLives
5/6 Many will be spending the long weekend w\\ family & friends in cyberspace - this year, it’s got to be all about #StaycationfortheNation ⬅️Check out this all Canadian hashtag, inspired, energised, uplifted! 🇨🇦 you do us proud! #AttitudeofGratitude
6/6 The choice of where to be – home in your bubble, with your existing household members ONLY - has never been clearer. #StayInYourBubble There is no choice but to #PlanktheCurve, then crush it! #CrushtheCurve #COVID19 #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller
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