It's Shabbat Friday night of Passover during a quarantine, a few days after the end of a year-long presidential campaign. And so I want to take a moment to do a thread of heartfelt thank yous -- and I'm just going to periodically add to this thread.
Thank you to @BernieSanders for devoting your life to the often thankless task of fighting for all of us. It has been an honor to know you for 20+ years. You've been one of my heroes ever since I first met you. I wouldn't be who I am if I had never met you.
Thank you to @JaneOSanders for also devoting your life to the struggle, and for your friendship over these decades. You too have been a big inspiration to me in my life and during this campaign.
Thank you to @ninaturner -- a fearless leader who never backs down, who never gets discouraged, who was always ready with the pep talk to remind us of what's important in this struggle. You always had my back, and I'll never forget it. Ever.
Thank you to @RoKhanna for defying establishment pressure, for helping lead our campaign from the very beginning -- and for always being a sounding board with sage advice.
Thank you to Jeff Weaver for your friendship over 20 years, and for being such a brilliant and principled strategist in the complex game of thrones that is American politics.
Thank you to @fshakir for being a steady hand during this roller coaster ride. Even when things were bumpy and turbulent, you were calm and unflappable, which takes a lot of commitment and concentration.
Thank you to @HeatherGautney for your policy brilliance and your diligence. Even at the toughest moments, you could never be deterred from your core mission and principles. It was great being in the battle with you.
Thank you to @AriRabinHavt (on the left) for managing the chaos even when it was understandably driving you crazy. I often marveled at your ability to do such a tough job. You should be proud of what you accomplished.
Thank you to @joshorton -- another brilliant guy I've known for long enough to make me feel really old. You ran a policy team that fleshed out an agenda that -- with a little bit of luck and grassroots pressure -- will set the course for progressives for the next generation.
Thank you to @ariannaijones -- you held the entire campaign together, with no regard for ego and no tolerance for bullshit. You are absolutely epic.
Thank you to @ttagaris -- my comrade since the @NedLamont campaign. You're not only amazing at your job, you are also one of the best human beings I know in this movement.
Thank you to @AlexSJacquez & @billygendell -- every time I had a policy question in which I thought I might be smart, I ended up feeling stupid because you guys knew like 5,000 times what I knew, but you never made me feel bad about that. You both have such a bright future.
Thank you to John Robinson for always being a sounding board, and for making the paperwork part of the campaign as easy as possible. You're the kind of guy anyone should want to be with in the foxhole when things get tough.
Thank you to @peteforiowa @mistyrebik @Rouell3 @AbshirDSM @BNeidhardt and the entire Iowa team -- you all crushed it, and don't ever forget that, even though they tried to muddle it and take it away from us.
Thank you to @angelo_greco with the all the TV stuff and for the solidarity -- you're another person I met on this campaign who never got deterred or discouraged, even when things got tough.
Thank you to @briebriejoy @SarahL_Ford @cascamike @belensisaw @the_vello @RosemaryBoeglin @oh_eyelean and the whole comms team who fought the good fight in a media environment that was incredibly hostile. I bet every future job will feel easier than this one. Feel proud.
Thank you to @ChuckRocha for your leadership and discipline -- your behind-the-scenes strategy and hard work were integral to the entire campaign.
Thank you to @TulchinResearch -- a mensch, a genius, and one of the best friends I made on this campaign. You were always a pro & indefatigable -- even at the most demoralizing moments, you were always ready to keep trying & keep pushing. This guy is the best pollster in the biz.
Thank you to @jmillerlewis @armandaviram @miafermindoza @nationalparke and the entire creative & digital teams -- you all stepped up and absolutely owned. Future campaigns will be built around the strategies and work you all did. Truly.
Thank you to @RoseAnnDeMoro @shaunking @iPhilSomething @SusanSarandon @johncusack @KillerMike @TimRobbins1 and so many others who helped promote the campaign's message and organize grassroots support. What a team effort.
Thank you to @NaomiAKlein for being one of my heroes -- in politics, in writing, in reporting. During this campaign -- as in so many other causes -- you put it all on the line for the movement. You are the best ever.
Thank you to @WaywardWinifred for helping shape, amplify and spread the message -- and for being a kickers agitator in an era that requires agitation.
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