I address this not to Trump’s die-hard supporters, who will remain lost to reason, nor to his detractors, whom I know already stand with me. But to the millions who did not vote in 2016, listen up: This crisis is the result of Trump’s incompetence. We need better leadership. /1
We have a chance this a November to reset our destiny as a nation. We will need a president who believe in and can deliver good government, to get us out of the ditch we are in. Trump is not the man for the job. /2
We have a chance to end the politics of division, hate and blame. America can not withstand four more years of spiraling chaos overseen by unqualified people. The stakes are just too high. /3
So if you sat out last election, I invite you to come back in and make your voice heard this November. And be sure to register to vote! Help make Trump just a bad footnote in history, and help restore us to a time before it all went haywire. We’re all in this together. /4
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