I've been wanting to tell someone about mewgulf and tharntype for a long time. But couldnt find the right time to do it.

I love MewGulf so much. I dedicate my blood, sweat and tears to them and only them. If I like one thing I will only focus on that thing.
It would be a lie if I said I didnt watch other cp, I did. I found they are cute. But my dedication towards the other cp is not and will never be the same as mewgulf.

I just love them so much.
B4 i jump to my honest opinion on MG, i want to clarify something for those who have talked shit about TTTS. Said TTTS is nothing but p0rn.

I dont like porn - yes I never like porn nor watch it. Antis always said TTTS is just a porn series, people watch it becuz of bed scene.
Guess what, thats not me, thats not Wanjaai but YOU! U people watched the series bcz of the bed scenes.

Yes TTTS got few scenes like that especially ep3. And the scene in toilet is my least fav scene. But TTTS is just not s3x scene.
They are more than that. Its heavy for a mere 'bl fans'. They overlooked the message. Each scenes contain msg, u just need to sit and watch with open heart, not just wait for the s3x scene.

TTTS is different from any other bl series.
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