Finally watched the Ayrton Senna documentary. Brazil has had so many great emissaries on world stage over the years: Him, Pele, Caetano, Coelho, Gil, Jobim, a passing politician or two. Unclear who occupies that role now. Britto? Anitta?
I feel Neymar is more mocked than beloved globally, don’t @ me
Should have included him among the past greats, oops
Caetano’s best moment was in 2011
After looking at responses to this thread, & consulting friends, I think** best-known Brazilians today, at least in the United States, are:

1) Pele
2) Gisele
3) Neymar
4) Bolsonaro
5) Wagner Moura

Most people think #5 is Colombian...

** é palpite, não científico
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