This is true. A quick thread on Norway and Sweden:
On the 12th March Norway announced a national lockdown to contain the disease. Sweden didn't. It hasn't. It might. 12th March was the day Norway had its first cv death. Sweden had had its first cv death one day earlier. On the 13th they both also had one death.
Three-ish weeks later and Norway has suffered a total of 108 cv deaths so far. Their peak death rate so far was 13 in a single day - it happened on 07/04, 3 1/2 weeks after lockdown. Sweden has suffered, so far, 793 deaths - "peaking" at 117 deaths, also on the 7th (it'snotapeak)
Okay so yes more Swedes have died than Nords - but what about the economy? We don't have GDP figures and won't for a few months - but we do have the March PMIs, and they're fucking awful:
Sweden: 43.2 (same as France, very, very bad)
Norway: 41.9 (appalling)
So, as we can see, Sweden is outperforming Norway economically, and therefore lockdowns the world over must be abandoned, and the disease let rip. End thread.
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