I'm fine. I was attempting to vent about feeling like I have to risk arbitrarily punishment from algorithms whenever I need to change my mind about what I want to see online and why
Having to micromanage social media for the sake of one's mental health is already exhausting af, and honestly having some of those measures accidentally trip overeager spam prevention measures doesn't help that in the least
especially when you're never actually informed *how* your violation occured, so you can take note and actually avoid said action in the future

And I don't mean "here's a link to 20 possible things you might have done wrong, go figure it out"
And if that was exhausting to read, remember that I wrote this thread, twice, in addition to living it. Possibly also at least twice.
(But I *did* accidentally delete my last pinned tweet when getting rid of the earlier thread. Boo.)
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