ME: Andromeda:
- Why can't I manually save
- These big areas are cool but messy to navigate
- How big do you think my TV is, this text is tiny
- All these aliens look the same. They're just copy-pasted, no variance.
- I am not enthused by the story looking like "all the cool aliens to be friends with aren't here". Let me be friends with the cool aliens
- Why is the lady who should've gotten this job so cool about this
If you want this guy to give me his helmet, sacrificing himself to save me, YOU NEED TO DEMONSTRATE THAT WE'RE OUT OF HELMET VISOR FIXING GEL. Literally the first thing I did on this planet was fix my helmet visor, you absolutely have to show that is not an option this time.
"Great, you're awake after being dead and having this AI grafted into your central nervous system. You're in charge of the whole fleet now. 20,000 lives on your shoulders."
Man I dunno I feel like we maybe should go with the lady whose job this would've been, at least for a while
- Alright now there's some aliens to talk to. I'm kinda liking the premise.
- "You caught me, I was sabotaging the station and your ship to murder all the colonists." "Yes." and then he's gone. He's not in the one free jail cell on the station so like ???? did I just let him go??
The biggest lesson they should've learned from the ending of ME3 was to show the outcome of the things you've been building up to have consequences and so far they have failed
Everyone's got LA Noire darting eyes and huge lips and they keep clipping back to their neutral standing pose mid-conversation
- Been in cryo for 600 years, that ponytail is not coming out. It's either a shaved head or accept your new head-tendril. Maybe that's why everyone's hair looks plastic.

- Peebee please get on my team so I can have a full squad of non-humans
This is a real dilemma for me because I feel like I should take Cora with me since, y'know, stole her job and she's kinda miffed about it. Understandably. But also hhhhhhhh human squadmates in a mass effect game lol
I'm a little bit concerned that Cora might try to murder me. But that also feels like it'd be too interesting for this game.
Ryder stands so close to people to start conversations? Like they turn around and you're right in their face.

Drack is chill.
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