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Good day @JAMBHQ ,I have been requesting a change in my date of birth from Jamb since 2018.A change from 1996 to 1997 which was erroneously entered during my registration.I have been in communication with Jamb through the complain ticket portal and I’ve visited Jamb’s
office in Asaba severally.I have provided Jamb with substantial evidence that my actual date of birth is 1997 as seen on every other document I possess and I am correcting this on request of the institution I graduated from and for the purpose of NYSC
I finally got a response from Jamb today which is attached to this thread that my DOB cannot be corrected due to ‘NYSC SYNDROME’.I do not understand what Jamb means by NYSC http://SYNDROME.To  cut the story short,the refusal of Jamb to make this correction has taken a toll on
my career as I might not be getting paid for an entire year at work,I may not be able to go for service next year,I may not be able to partake in the Pre-registration Examination for Pharmacists to get my permanent license
This is not even half of what this refusal has/could cost me.Please if you see this tweet,kindly retweet and tag @segalink @DrJoeAbah @Tutsy22 @jambhq .I’m in dire need of a solution as I do not know what else I’m supposed to do.
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