Here is the latest on the severe weather potential for central Alabama for Sunday. We are still forecasting a likely SEVERE WEATHER OUTBREAK for central Alabama Sunday afternoon and evening. #alwx
Don't get overly focused on what specific risk category your location is in. The main message is that ALL OF CENTRAL ALABAMA will have a significant risk of severe storms, including tornadoes, on Sunday. #alwx
You may wake up the next couple mornings & think "This does not feel like severe weather coming." DON'T BE FOOLED. Conditions will become volatile quickly Sunday afternoon, & severe weather can initiate rather quickly once the necessary ingredients all come together. #alwx
Planning is the key to minimizing impact from severe weather. Finalize your severe weather safety plan now, so that you can ACT QUICKLY if severe weather threatens and warnings are issued for your area. #alwx
If you are the designated "weather expert" for your group of family or friends, please help us get the word out. Also, please make sure that the info you give them comes from a TRUSTED AND RELIABLE SOURCE, like the National Weather Service and local news media. #alwx
Continue to follow us on social media, including Facebook and Twitter. We constantly look at new weather data, and will have updates and adjustments to the forecast as needed. STAY SAFE, CENTRAL ALABAMA. #alwx
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