A thread of me watching Parasite for the first time:
Mom saw that sedimantary rock and said “food would be better...” #parasite
Young and Simple? Did Min have sex with the rich mom? 😳 #parasite
Not the father literally rehearsing lines to get the housekeeper kicked out. Sheeeeeeesh these people are SCAMMERS💀 #Parasite
Honest opinion from my american perspective so far: Not knocking this family’s operation at all. The concept of “middle class” is a myth perpetuated by 1%er politicians pushing policies that ultimately benefit themselves in the long run. Its near impossible to go from poverty 1/2
2/2 like the Kim family, and break the socio-economic ceiling into wealth when the top 1% GLOBALLY have more wealth then 99% of the world. All “middle class” does is preserve the golden MYTH that is the american dream. So: do what yall must to get these coins. 😪 #Parasite
Im getting so anxious watching this the Kim dad keep turning back to talk and drive at the same time. #Parasite
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