So apparently replying to @ChrisMartzWX and calling out his hypocrisy about being name-caller and if you will racists nature of it will get you blocked because why not? Mind you that this is a 16 year old kid who thinks he knows better then distinguished Profs and researchers. 1/
He claims to believe in Climate Change but yet denies everything that contradicts his opinion. He believes two anthropogenic warming deniers and that's about it. Almost every other tweet includes "they said snow was a thing of the past" or "It was 50 degrees warmer in 1950" 2/
Or something along those lines because he tries to reinforce his AGW denier views upon all of his tweets. Sure he some knowledge with regards to the weather, I'll give him that but that won't get you very far if you don't have the intangibles as well. 3/
Whenever someone confronts him in the comments about either him being biased or straight-up wrong, he either gets defensive or tries to deflect the blame to faulty data or the other party being biased. Debating against him must be real fun... 4/
When he tries to back his point he either comes up with anecdotal evidence that either doesn't have relevance or is outdated. In addition, he cherry-picks which data he uses to try and show his point is valid when in fact it is a horrible foundation. 5/
Whenever he did this and others pointed this out, he would point out that our theories or data is wrong. When questioned why our data is wrong, he'd never explain why other than giving us research that was either a) biased b) irrelevant. 6/
I've never gone off on someone like this on twitter before, but I felt like this was needed since he clearly thinks he better than all of us. I know I'm no way, shape, or form a smart kid I do have a sense of what I should and shouldn't be doing. /end
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