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Gear up for a long, hot summer. This is why I believe most arrests (possibly all arrests) will not take place until after 2020 election.

The Declass of the underlying FISA docs showing the FISA abuse will lay the predicate for the unsealing of the indictments and
arrests. The declass of IG Report footnotes will show Crossfire Hurricane Team had multiple reports disputing material claims of Steele and the dossier and warning of disinformation.

I don't think this is that big of a shock to anyone. Crossfire Hurricane Team was going to
move forward with their unlawful FISA abuse regardless whether they knew Steele's dossier was full of disinfo or not.

Public will learn the truth. the House will of course investigate Barr and Durham and disparage their character and call them liars.
@potus has already ordered the declass and Barr will declassify when the time is perfect...setting the trap for the Dems and showing the public the FakeNews can not be trusted anymore.

As patriots we already know this, but we are in the midst of a public awakening.

@potus has
defeated [their] attempt to take down the economy and his administration with coronavirus (nearly defeated end of month), and will continue forward taking the hunt to the hunters.
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