#SilenceBreaksForthIntoSong 42

As we continue with THINKs story
Keep in mind our ages as we learned from these dark books
THINK, my Training Partner the boy, Me
We were all around age 5 when the enemy opened the books of knowledge to us
How many children have the same experience
For me it was Books like:
Aleister Crowley
The Satanic Bible
The Lesser Keys of Solomon
The Grimoires
but this was just the beginning of the extensive forbidden dark magik they were connecting me to
THINK Mentions some further materials:
The Book of Enoch
The Books of Moses

The enemy likes beginning training when a child is around age 5
The training does not stop
There is always a way to lure you into more
If you cant be lured...then it is forced
Have you stopped to think
Why so young?
Why does the enemy use these materials?
What is his purpose?

"Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4
"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God." Romans 10:17

"This Book of Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall be careful to meditate upon it day and night, for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have success." Joshua 1:8
Wake up
Do you see what the enemy is doing to children?
I am NOT saying all these Departments
Nor all the people in them are evil or being used by the enemy
What I am saying is that at the highest levels
The enemy is at work within these Departments & those who run them
He is using materials from these departments to draw children away from learning solely from God's word
When the enemy attacks a child's relationship to God's Word...what are the implications?
The Word is life...physical & spiritual
Our Faith comes by Hearing the Word
As the enemy draws small children into reading other Books of knowledge
What happens to their faith?
If there is no thinking or meditating upon The Word
What happens to these children's lives and faith when they are not in the Word?
At a deeper level
The forbidden fruit was an "Experience" of knowledge of good and evil
These other books are not just lazy day reading material to sit back and enjoy
As they are opened
So are doorways to the spiritual realm
They are an access point to "experience"
We have discussed entanglement at a quantum level spiritual in Equilibrium Part 3 of this series

Thru these books
The enemy gives children an access point to "know"
Or be intimate
With spiritual forces that are connected to these books
Children are not just connecting with knowledge
They are being connected with spiritual beings behind the knowledge

In the Book of Enoch
Who is responsible for teaching mankind knowledge?
Is it not the fallen angels
Why is the enemy so focused on keeping children from reading, hearing, and thinking upon the Word?

Keeping them from being intimate with God thru His Word?

Is it a powerful weapon?

What would happen if we really understood how to use that weapon?
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