Should Marvel Studios #XMen 1 be an origin movie?

or should the x-men/school be already formed & running?

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Regarding the first movie...
What teen X-man would you love the most as the point of view?

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[1] I see a lot of users saying we already got the origins....
Lets take a look back:

Rogue got introduced in X1
same as Wolverine
Nightcrawler in X2
Angel in X3 (Beast was an old friend)
young Beast, Havok and Banshee in FC
& Cyclops, Kurt and Storm (kinda) in XMA.
[2] yet all of that kind of doesnt feel enough. At least to me.
we never saw the team growing in the FC movies. Havok/Banshee dropped in Dofp, Jean was just there in Ap. and Jubilee didnt became a member. Angel either. Psylocke... well...
Dazzler neither.
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