The #COVIDー19 pandemic and efforts of #VoterSuppression have highlighted the impact on communities of color. Here are some of the Black women in media whose voices speak truth to power #Blackwomenlead thx to @blackwomenviews and @marsha_vivinate for inspiring this post. 1/8
WH correspondent for PBS Newshour and political contributor for NBC. Her strong voice at the WH briefings speaks truth to power @Yamiche
Political analyst on MSNBC, speaker and writer. Director of Progressive Programming at Sirius XM @ZerlinaMaxwell
Journalist and host of “Matter of Fact” a nationally syndicated weekly talk show. She has a fierce Twitter presence holding other journalists to task for their work @soledadobrien
@mayawiley Civil rights activist, legal analyst for NBC and MSNBC. Professor at the New School
Haitian American activist and political commentator for NBC news. Senior Advisor for  @K_JeanPierre
Lawyer and law professor and President of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Frequent guest on MSNBC and expert on voting rights and judicial selection @Sifill_LDF
@AprilDRyan political analyst and noted WH correspondent. DC Bureau Chief for American Urban radio network. One of only 3 African Americans to have served on the board of the WH Correspondents Association. Notable for not putting up with Spicer’s BS.
WH correspondent for CNN and Harvard grad. She also appears on PBS with Robert Costa on Washington week. Her star ⭐️ continues to rise @abbydphillip
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