In no way am I biased, but #DrinkIrish.

This is the current iteration of a chat with Jonathan @hillstownbeer, who introduced Owen @co_hilden. Roll on a batch of labels, a revamp, and some recipe tweaks and this is where we are at. Bringing these these belters to anyone we can.
For some even better context on this; about 10 years before we cracked this off with Hilden, I was stacking Belfast Blonde and Headless Dog onto a shelf in @MillWine at 4 for €10 alongside other great #DrinkIrish folk @troublebrewing.
So, I fucked off one island, and landed on this island chasing some notions me Granda left in Scotland. In between then and now @dalriadaimports popped into @WoodWintersEd and pitch Barney’s, but wee-er more spooked me knew the folk at the ever wonderful @barneysbeer. #drinkirish
So we passed on the Barney’s, filled the shelves with @co_hilden Blonde again (I’m an old dog, no new tricks need apply), @galwaybeer, and @northboundmbrew, kept annoying Paul @dalriadaimports about @YellowBellyBeer which he sorted #drinkirish
But I fucked off again. Let’s be honest, it’s a modus operandi. I landed @Flavourly and got introduced to the absolute hallions @IrelandCraft. These mad fella’s and I managed to get cans of @TheWhiteHag’s Little Fawn in a box going out to a mountain of folk. #drinkirish
Anyway, the lunatics of @IrelandCraft got on the @DownStreamBeer - which is a., fascinating, b., was great beer ( @MourneBrewery and @BoyneBrewhouse thank you!) #drinkirish
This shite didn’t end there, @IrelandCraft (obviously great ambassadors, if the point isn’t clear) had us talking to everyone including the one of the godfathers @phbrew who we’re trying to sell in the U.K. (promise lads that bloody PO should be in the post). #drinkirish
And obviously this ain’t done. @IrelandCraft has us nattering with an army of great brewers like obviously @hillstownbeer which is where the mad lark with Owen and @co_hilden rocked up. We did a club box Jonathan (people still raving about Massey Red) #drinkirish
So. Owen and I start talking shite. I’ll admit. Most of the shite talking is me. We agreed - @Brewhive was a great fit. Save, it eventually wasn’t, because Owen’s beers were honestly too good not to feature Hilden front and centre. Like they are stupidly good. #drinkirish
So we rebranded them up, @co_hilden’s absolutely great logo front and centre (an old project Owen has to hand - pun intended). The beers are flying even faster now. I personally could drink all the blonde. All of it. #drinkirish
Of course it’s still not done (seriously has anyone else met that absolute menace to society Shane @IrelandCraft?). They’d us in touch with @brehonblonde who, I as a Monaghan man - the most parochial of beings, had been scooping for ages. #drinkirish
I gathered an army of Scots and decided to lead them to South Ulster for the @HarvestBlues25 festival. And got @IrelandCraft to get us a tasting with Seamus @brehonblonde - well. Well fucking hell. #drinkirish
We rocked up, and I remember thinking - great show, we’ll make a great advert for @Failte_Ireland Monaghan. Show off the place #drinkirish
Seamus @brehonblonde’s exact describing the tasting was “I’d normally milk the cows tonight, but sure I’m going drinking with you”. We threatened to bury one of the Scots out the back. Wound up another (a Jambo who also works with me). A great evening of great beer. #drinkbeer
& sure @brehonblonde is going toe to toe with some madly popular & wonderful Scottish breweries we list (special nod not @BlackIsleBeer who along with Seamus are providing me with a sales report called Battle of the Blonde Beers) #drinkirish (and Black Isle - they’re great too)
So long story short, go and #drinkirish there are some wonderful people out there and definitely do it now more than ever when they need you folk to pick a few bottles up with the messages.
Nods to those on me beer journey:


@troublebrewing your fucking fault I drink beer
@phbrew some mad nights with the then not wife, now wife in your bars
@8degreesbrewing barefoot pils, what a beer
@galwaybeer because of Brewdock I never made a train back to Maynooth
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