During this lockdown many want to try their hand at trading.

Understand this volatility is harder than normal.
Trade small, manage risk, with STOPs, and learn some basic knowledge of analysis if you insist.

I think it's bad time to start

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90%+ fail during normal market.

Trading is not easy cash source.

Don't trade with capital you need or you playing with scared money.

If you are tight on $, start trading now is not the way.

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When people play with scared $.

People usually take profit too early on a good trade just to make a win.

Having small wins with high win rate (WR) may be satisfying to your ego but it won't help your bottom-line in trading.

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High win rate (WR) is nice but combination of WR and risk reward (RR) is key in successful trading.

Extreme example to illustrate:

WR could be 10% but if RR is 20:1 you still make $.
WR could be 90% but if RR is 1:20 you end up loosing $.

#es_f $spx $spy #options #futures
I will continue this thread on thoughts of trading, many I posted before I learned threading.
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