I Say this with zero tone. I’m sure you’ve heard about black people suffering from covid at a higher % Due to predisposion to diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma. Please know that it’s NOT biological. It’s historical:
100s of years starting with
Being fed scraps as slaves-
2.Then share cropping making good farming land and quality crops out of our reach
3. Jim Crow and redlining causing our neighborhoods to Lack access to fresh high quality foods (food deserts
4. Lack of access to health care
Obv Im talking overall stats.
Of course their are plenty exceptions. But statically speaking. These health issues are not due to interior DNA. That’s what ugenics and phrenology teaches. Don’t fall for it. Love y’all.
My family are one of those change agents. My mom, when i was a teen cut red meat out of our home diet, she also kept fresh fruit and veggies in our house. we were shown different. Y’all know I’m full cali hipster now. However fried anything is kryptonite 😂🤣🤣
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