(2) "Should people with disabilities be penalized for impairments that may mean they require more resources to achieve the same result? Should hospitals be able to consider long-term survival? And if we accept short-term survival, do existing instruments need modifications...?"
(3) A public building is not just prohibited from posting a “No Wheelchair Users Allowed” sign–it is also required to ensure that a ramp is present. These are not acts of charity; rather, they are requirements to avoid discrimination under a civil rights law."
(4) "Disability rights law has a construct of discrimination that may require entities to expend more resources on certain people in order to afford them equal access"
(5) "By the same principle, disability rights law may require a hospital to afford individuals with an underlying disability in need of ventilator support extra time on a ventilator, without subjecting them to a lower priority to access scarce medical resources."
(6)"The consideration of long-term survival places people with disabilities at risk of impermissible denial of care based on the same stereotypes and assumptions that led to the rejection of categorical exclusions."
(7) "Instruments designed to evaluate short-term survival probability for typical patients may require reasonable modifications for people with underlying disabilities."
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