1) This is my #Qanon thread for April 10, 2020

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My Theme: Together We Will Win.
2) Yesterday, Q wrote:

Do people really believe the biggest scandal in modern US history will go unpunished [Scot-Free]?
3) Scot-Free?
4) From Feb 10, 2018

6) In my previous thread, we looked at the timeline of events surrounding the coronavirus and impeachment.

On January 14th, 2020, the World Health Organization denied there was evidence of human-to-human transmission of Covid-19.

7) The next day, January 15th, the patient who would become the first confirmed U.S. case left Wuhan and arrived in the U.S. carrying the virus.

8) Articles of impeachment against POTUS were delivered to the Senate on the same day, January 15th.

7) The U.S. China trade deal was also signed on January 15th.

This is a deal China would love to get out of.
If Joe Biden were elected, it would likely be canceled.

8) @AbdullahJanfawi did a thread on Q. https://twitter.com/AbdullahJanfawi/status/1248645012356825090
9) This tweet was posted by Q. https://twitter.com/AbdullahJanfawi/status/1248645249364303873
10) Video.
11) Freedom is coming worldwide.
Together we will win.
14) This morning, POTUS retweeted @zeusFanHouse.


The tweet had the hashtags #QAnon #QAnon2018 #QAnon2020
15) @llmcl was Q'd for their response to the retweet by POTUS.

16) Q responded.
17) @elenochle noted 17 retweets this morning by POTUS. https://twitter.com/elenochle/status/1248499770127052800
18) Many people predicted that significant events would happen in April regarding the start of the [publicly visible aspect] of the removal of corruption.

Most of those predictions failed to come to pass.

Q cautioned us to avoid making predictions based on his posts.
19) Almost 2 years ago, Q told us what would be the START of the [publicly visible] aspect of the removal of corruption.

It would be the prosecution of FISA abuse.
20) FISA is the START of the publicly visible aspect of the removal of corruption.

Everything else will be built on the foundation of FISA.

Why is FISA the start?

Because FISA is the aspect of corruption that is easiest for the public to accept and understand.
21) Hollywood stars & politicians can't simply be thrown in prison.

If we don't want a civil war, the public must first be educated about the nature of corruption.

Q is an information campaign intended to bring about an awakening of the masses to the realities of corruption.
22) We don't need to guess about when the storm will hit.

We don't need to guess about the nature of the first indictments.

The storm will start when the first indictments related to FISA are unsealed and not a minute before then.
23) We don't know the date of the first indictment, but we don't need to know the date.

If we knew the date, so would the deep state.

Q wrote:
Do you provide the playbook to the enemy w: specific dates?
Logical thinking.

There is no escape for traitors.
24) If you need evidence that things are happening, look at the removal of people in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, ODNI, National Security Council, etc, the appointment of hundreds of new Federal judges, thousands of Federal sealed cases & the record number of CEO resignations.
25) In the above post, Q linked to the definition of the word "Start"

(I don't know if it's relevant, but the first definition contains the synonym "Spring")

26) Even with AG Barr predicting "an important watershed" would be reached "in late spring or early summer," I'm cautious about predicting dates.

The IG report on FISA abuse was made public almost a year later than promised.
27) Q often notes that the strategies employed by his team are standard principles found in the science of game theory.

Here's an article that explains game theory.

28) @SeekretAgent posted a short thread on this drop by Q.

29) FISA is the start.

30) Every time a false prediction is made, or a fake story is reported as true, it's used to discredit us.

The media are distrusted because they're biased & dishonest.

If we want to be taken seriously, we must endeavor to report the facts honestly, and without bias.
31) If equal justice is not restored, our Republic is lost.
The traitors who infiltrated our government, Hollywood, the media and corporations will be prosecuted.
They normalized unspeakable evil.
Some of that evil remains classified (for now)
You are not alone.
We stand together
32) @CBS_Herridge is reporting on footnotes from the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse that have had (some) redactions removed.

The Crossfire Hurricane team assessed some of Christopher Steele's claims to be part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

33) @Techno_Fog retweeted @CBS_Herridge
An anon posted the retweet on the board.

34) The media & politicians are already calling AG Barr a political hack.

Expect house investigations into Durham & Barr.

DECLAS and foreign corroboration will establish the facts.

What happens when the media [KNOWINGLY] push false information?

The silent war continues..
35) The deep state media are doing their best to undermine public confidence in AG Barr.

(If you're concerned that Barr is sympathetic to the deep state, the deep state media's disdain for him is evidence of his true loyalty.)
37) Here is what awaits traitors in the media who [KNOWINGLY] pushed false information in an attempt to overthrow the government.

38) This post has 2 dots in the ellipsis at the end of "The Silent war continues.."
39) There appears to be a countdown with respect to the number of dots in the ellipsis following the statement, "The silent war continues."
40) In the above post, the word DECLAS was spelled "DELCAS."

Q has not corrected the misspelling, so it seems to be intentional.
41) A lot of intentional misspellings were found in the DOJ IG report on FISA abuse related to James Comey.

42) Q hinted that the misspellings were relevant and related to US Attorney Durham.
43) Speaking of U.S. Attorneys... the abbreviation US ATT stands for U.S. Attorney.
44) John Solomon confirmed that subpoenas have been issued on behalf of U.S. Attorney John Durham.

45) Q posted a link to the above tweet by @greggers4usa

The subpoenas would likely be in connection to Durham's investigation of FISA abuse against President Trump.
47) For the last 2 years, Q has posted on 2 boards.
One board is the Q research board where anons can comment on his posts.

He also has a read-only board for posts that do not require interaction.

The current read-only board is /projectDcomms/

(Read carefully)
48) Today, Q provided the first placeholder post on /projectDcomms/.

A placeholder is exactly what it sounds like. It's a marker that holds a place for a future event.

Placeholder posts by Q predict future events in the exposure and prosecution of corruption.
49) For those who are new:

Before 8chan was de-platformed, these were the placeholder posts on the board /patriotsfight/.

(Although these older placeholder posts may give some hint at events to come, they are not currently in play and should probably not be relied on.)
50) Corrupt officials will be prosecuted in either military trials or civilian courts.

This placeholder will track indictments in civilian & non-civilian (military) courts.

It will also track acts of treason and supporting articles, foreign acts, and matters related to FISA
51) As for the numbers 1 through 6, I believe (though I'm not certain) the names of defendants will be filled in as indictments are unsealed.
52) Another possibility is that 1-6 could be the charges listed in the first indictment that will be unsealed.
53) Q said there would be 9 counts in the indictment against the person(s) who spied on General Flynn.

1 count will be for illegally modifying the FBI 302 report.
2 counts will be for listening in on his conversation.
6 counts are yet to be revealed.
54) There are 6 empty places in this placeholder.
My guess is that they will be populated with counts from the indictment when it is unsealed.

Some have wondered why there is no "Q" signature for this post.
55) When Q posts on his private board, he doesn't need to sign his posts, since he is the only person who has access to the board.

None of these placeholders had signatures.
56) Since 1-6 are listed under the Non_Civ category, I believe these 6 counts will fall under the jurisdiction of a military commission.
57) If my theory is correct, the placeholders might look something like this as indictments are unsealed.

(This is just speculation.)
58) Since the first placeholder category pertains to the military and it appears to be connected to the surveillance of General Flynn, I wonder the first indictment might be against Col. James Baker, Director of the Office of Net Assessment at the Pentagon.
61) The first indictment may not be against Baker, but a military venue would point to someone in the Defense Department (unless the military plans to prosecute civilians involved in spygate).
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