A renowned scientist, an expert in TB and BCG, the first to ascertain reasons behind latent TB & BCG efficacy, (a BJP member - immaterial here) - @dasgobardhan is sitting at home. Not part of any committee. No one is taking his advice. This is India. WDTT https://twitter.com/ARanganathan72/status/1248671862537588736
Wonderful discussion between @kushal_mehra and Prof @dasgobardhan, the scientist who knows most about the BCG and discovered the reasons behind its efficacy. Listen to the expert, ignore the fly-by-night operators and epidemic fortune-hunters.
Early days but it appears Prof @dasgobardhan's suggestion is bearing fruit. PGI, Chandigarh reports improvement in critical CoVID patients upon administration of M(w) strain.

Those in power did not even thank Prof Das for his idea. But we do. THANK YOU. https://hindi.news18.com/news/punjab/chandigarh-punjab-pgi-chandigarh-claims-coronavirus-covid19-patient-improved-with-medication-mycobacterium-w-given-to-treat-leprosy-nodrss-3052027.html
The largest human trial against CoVID-19 begins; involves 40 hospitals, reports TOI.

Congratulations, @dasgobardhan, for this idea.
My chat with @KanchanGupta on the history of the BCG vaccine, how, despite being an anti-bacterial vaccine it may provide immunity against a viral infection, and on Prof @dasgobardhan's idea of using BCG against CoVID; via @orfonline.
High hopes on @dasgobardhan's recombinant BCG expressing SARS-CoV2 Spike and Nucleoprotein as a vaccine candidate. Go dada!
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