Daily thread! Before I get into the actual thread I just want to say that I never intend for my tweets to be offensive, hateful, or personally attack any person or group. If they come across that way at any point, I sincerely apologize.
My goal here is to respectfully fight for our cause using facts and logic. Now that I got that out of the way, keep streaming CALM, keep using the hashtags, keep sharing what @5SOS means to you. On to the actual purpose of this thread.
Hey @billboard, you realize that your employee putting out a statement like that isn’t an OFFICIAL statement, right? And the fact that he decided to mock us the end of it and proceeded to make his account private afterwards shows how unprofessional you’re being.
@RealDaveBrooks I get that you might have been trying to lighten the situation, but you didn’t do that. What you did was mock us. Since you want to bring up math, 25+24+24+24=96 not 99.
@RealDaveBrooks You want to bring age into this, let’s talk age. You are an adult, working for a large company, who released an unofficial statement that did nothing but promote an article that many of us have already read to collect evidence for our fight.
@RealDaveBrooks Your “statement” mocked us. We are only fighting for what are passionate about and what is right. The fact that there are unaccounted for sales that caused @5SOS to lose their #1 spot and album streak to The Weeknd.
Just like I said for Dua Lipa, I have nothing against The Weeknd. I enjoy his music and if he had truly earned the #1 spot then he should keep it, but he didn’t. @5SOS sold more albums and beat him out of the #1 position.
Age doesn’t mean a thing, it’s maturity that matters. And so far, I’m seeing a lot more maturity in our fandom than what is coming from your company. The mature thing to do would be release an OFFICIAL statement and tell us what is going on instead of blatantly ignoring us.
Anyways, this thread has gone on for too long. Keep fighting 5SOS Fam, they have to face the facts at some point. I am still looking into the othe situations about charting numbers, hopefully I can talk about that tomorrow!
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