Damn you govt...That kid deserve at least a proper cremation

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That is Reshu Kumar (3), in arms of his mother Madhu Devi. Yesterday, after waiting for an ambulance for more than two hours at Sadar hospital of Jehanabad (Bihar), Reshu died in the arms of his parents. Reshu's father Girjesh Kumar, said, a fleet of ambulance was standing in
queue just meters away inside the premises of Sadar hospital. The ambulance driver was asking money to ferry the kid till Patna government hospital, alleged boy’s father.

Resident of Sahopur village of Kurtha police jurisdiction of Arwal district, Girjesh Kumar is a poor farmer
with 1.5 bigah land and Rs 300 cash. For his son’s medical expenditure, he took loan of Rs 6000 from a local person.

He alleged, that on two occasions the ambulance service failed to help his kid to reach hospital on time. On April 7, Girjesh dialled 108 as his son was
terribly ill, but the ambulance came next day. The driver claimed, that he was busy for entire day in other emergency cases, in reply Girjesh asked, him if his son’s condition does not fall under emergency case.
After reaching community health centre, Kurtha on April 8, the
CHC referred Reshu for Jehanabad govt hospital. Since the family was not mentally prepared to travel another district, as they only had Rs 300 cash as savings, the family decided to travel next day. On April 9, the family called 108 for ambulance service, but the driver never
came. On April 10, Girjesh somehow convinced his neighbouring village Jagdishpur’s man (owner of a tempo), to help his son reach Sadar hospital, Jehanabad. On reaching the hospital, the doctor referred Reshu to Patna government hospital. Without wasting any time, Girjesh
contacted the ambulance driver who was standing just meters away from ill Reshu.
According Girjesh, the driver was rude and demanded money to ferry the ill kid to Patna. Driver was asking for Rs 10 per km.
By the information shared by Girjesh to me, it looks like, the
driver was attached with 108 ambulance service.
However, even after two hours, passed, the ambulance was not provided to the family even though they contacted the doctor and medical staff of Jehanabad hospital. The family begged for help. Two hours later, Reshu succumbed
in his mother’s arm.
Hope this thread, help Girjesh and his family.

His younger daughter Mahima (1.6 years), is also having fever. I Hope, the Arwal district administration takes note of it.
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