Alright well - I was mugged yesterday in Manchester, broad daylight by three lads with a crowbar. Lost 2 pints of blood, pretty roughed up - that being said, I’m mint. Still cracking jokes just fine. It’s the 6th time I’ve been hospitalised by attacks. Never one to discuss it.
they’ve all been hidden - but the crowbar just kinda, swayed me a little (haha). Why this time was devastating is that they took my laptop which has 2000 songs on, my entire life’s work and what I’ve poured my heart and soul (and now blood hahaha). Yes, they were backed up
but the drive was broken last month. Luckily my lyric booklet is safe. But all the music I’ve written is gone. The inner working of my head also gone (oops)
So I guess, everything the band has coming up will be new. I have to start all over again, and write new stuff, and those
songs may never be heard. Once I recover... I promise I will write as much as I can and only write. And Myself, James and Joe will work together on getting some new choons to you.
Before you judge the three men, just think what an awfully difficult time they ‘may’ be in to have
resorted to this. If you see this boys, please give me my life’s work back. Then forgiveness is yours, I’m skint as a rat anyway the laptop was wank.
Peace out my little gremlins
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