There is a growing problem in Alexandria (and not unusual to most cities in the world today) where the informal feeding patterns that street cats and dogs depend upon have greatly dwindled. (Thread)
This is because restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, barbers, butchers, and basically every usual 7-day a week business that feed them have closed or reduced their working hours. These outlets are where cats and dogs mark their sustenance territory...
and now are faced with the arduous task of scouring their nearby area for food from notoriously inconsistent sources like passing strangers. Similar to the pattern of hungry monkeys in Thailand and pigeons in Spain...
While respecting the curfew/social distancing, it’s possible to integrate tending to them into one’s daily routine & within one’s immediate vicinity by providing food when one can. One doesn’t really need to go far if everyone just focused on their own neighbourhood cats & dogs.
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