Last night i see @BinweA’s tweet about hyping white boys and I obviously think it’s in re to Tiowhatwhat so I indulge and comment. Minutes later this character follows me and spams my mentions.
And then I’m like no man what is this. Being the clairvoyant kween that I am I check my mutuals and wonder maybe this is one of those caucs black IEB Twitter was friendly with and by this time I had already followed back
Then this character tweeted me something snaaks on my tweet about the kkk and my kween @aktion_hank dms me to ask if I know him - all this time I thought she knew him. Zaqala ke ii-investigations
My kween @vumani_bo then says she smells a rat and like clock work he is in her DMs speaking nothing of air. And I’m like no no no.
More of my kweens start answering dms this morning and that’s when we knew hayi there’s something else happening here.
We see a lot of funny tweets but my kween @itssnaz_ finds this gem and I’m like aaaaah - it’s a case of Jungle Fever
Lessons learnt from the commission
1) abelungu do not deserve the benefit of the doubt
2) the gworls must be given the country for a week cz we would fix it up real quick
Okay black kweens - I’m gonna ask this question for statistical purposes.
Reply “I” if this man has been overly familiar to you in your mentions or DMs. I’ve counted 8 BW so far
We are at 12
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