kpop album covers I've redesigned, a thread;
I'm not the best designer out there nor do I want to act like I know how to design better than the original creators of these covers! I just wanted to mess around w some of these and see what I could do.
original will be on the left & the redesign on the right :D
txt - the dream chapter: magic

i kinda get what they were going for, but I rlly didn't like the font. so I changed that and rearranged some of the objects to be slightly cleaner, which I like more
wjsn - wj stay?

I tend to rlly like their album art but this just felt kinda eh. for most of this thread I took inspiration from the original, but for this I just completely redid the theme and style. this seems more coherent w their other covers
twice - feel special

the curtains weren't symmetrical and it always bugged me 😭
bvndit - dramatic

again, I see what they were going for, but I opted for a cleaner design with less going on. I also made a version with a redder accent bc I feel like that matches the song and mv more idk
stray kids - cle 1: miroh

I like the original, but i wanted to see how it looked without all the scratches and stuff. I placed the logo in the corner so it was a bit cleaner. I also made one without a background bc the maze pattern looks great by itself
bts - hyyh pt.1

pt. 2s cover >>>>>> so I made her match bc consistency
fromis_9 - to.heart

I actually rlly like the original cover! but I wanted to see what it would look like in the style of their "to. day" cover so I did that :D
twice - fancy you

now I don't like this aesthetic in general, so I don't rlly like what I did lmao. but I wanted to try to make it slightly less random and also match the vibe of the fancy mv more
kara - step

this is possibly one of the ugliest covers to grace my music library idc 😭. I wanted to keep that retro aesthetic without making it look like it was missing a texture. it looks ok w yellow but I made one w black too bc I think it looks better
fromis_9 - fun factory

I was rlly upset that the colorful shapes and stuff didn't make it to the digital cover. it just felt underwhelming. so I added some color and shapes :D
iz*one - color*iz

again, the font rlly bugged me. so I used the font and asterisk from bloomiz and used a gradient of colors from the photo itself for a more cohesive look
stellar - cry

this is another dissapointing cover imo. especially when looking at the other teaser photos, this had so much potential to look rlly nice. I was kinda lost on what fonts to use but i envisioned a more elegant cover like this, w flowers and stuff
stray kids - i am you

I never really liked the gradient it just looked weird to me. I attempted to change it up a little but I don't love mine either 🗿
twice - twicecoaster lane 1

ever since this came out I always thought a blue/purple would look better than the peachy color.
x1 - quantum leap

yea I hated the split thing going on 😭 naturally I made one full black and one full white cover, but it's the same concept
pentagon - thumbs up

u see .... I just rlly wanted this cover to have a frog. so I added a frog 😭
anyways yea that's it for now! I'm always designing and redesigning things but I just wanted to put all my covers in one place ❤️
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