1/ As we all know, chuds hate the government and Trudeau. Surely they’d never accept financial support during this time.

Therefore, we bring you Chuds Excited About Benefits: A Thread.

First up is white supremacist and ethnostate advocate Ronny Cameron
2/ Here we have Will Leeman, Yellow Vest and anti-Trudeau “patriot”
3/ Angel Lee, another Yellow Vest who hates the government
4/ Izidor, who is currently organizing a big rally to protest the isolation measures in Calgary and thinks the WHO is a sham and the pandemic is fake, is supportive of the financial aid.
5/ Al Bitz of Urban Infidels is upset he has to pay child support, but also loves Canada.
6/ Mindy, who thinks the pandemic is a hoax, really wants everyone to apply for benefits, because reasons.
7/ Well known anti-Muslim and noted patriot Georges is stoked.
8/ Failson of the CNP (an actual Nazi party) Gus is promoting it.
9/ So is Wexiteer Guy.
10/ Angie is happy to receive her GST. Hope she can get her vehicle fixed.
11/ Everyone who is losing income deserves and needs assistance.

But it’s a bit rich from a crowd that crows about civil war and executing the government while refusing vaccines and insisting the pandemic is fake.

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