One thing that’s been really bothering me about the current crises is how much sanctimoniousness and self-righteousness it has unleashed. Yes this is a time for people to help in all the ways the can so we can get through this, but not at the cost of passing judgment on others /1
Or making people feel bad about how they are spending their time. If you have been raising money for people in need or rations then brilliant, if you’ve been doing it as part of a wider recognised effort fantastic, and if you’ve been doing it silently, that’s great too /2
If you do not have the resources to raise money for others then there is nothing wrong with that - you shouldn’t let this get you down or make you feel like you aren’t contributing and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. /3
Lots of people are playing their part even just by following government orders and obeying the rules of the lockdown. This in itself is a massive contribution. /4
Also at the end of the day everyone is a human being, people cope in different ways. Some by baking banana bread, some by making stupid jokes, some by praying, some by venting on Twitter, some by immersing themselves in work, let people be people and handle this how they want /5
Also be mindful of the fact that as bad as things are, life hasn’t shuddered to a complete halt. If someone wants to mention that’s it’s their birthday that’s fine, if people are still talking about other issues that are important to them that’s fine too /6
If people are sharing news about postgrad programmes they’ve been accepted to be happy for them, if people are squabbling then it’s not ideal but don’t guilt them into silence by saying silly things like “is this what you should be arguing about in the middle of a pandemic.” /7
Nobody needs virtue signalling and sanctimoniousness right now. What they need is togetherness, kindness and just a general sense of normality. Don’t be the person that makes others feel bad about who they are, be empathetic, be kind, be a friend. /8
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