✧ you can actually quote the previous tweet with questions for our #dearkamiden !! who knows, maybe he's really going to have the chance to interview our power couple 😗🎶 and he could pick your question, but you have to be original/interesting to be noticed, obviously 🤭
✧ just check your twitter
✧ the first question for kiribaku and it sounds familiar
✧ who's the big spoon?
✧ why so stupid?
✧ kiribaku gets soft
✧ kiri's soft hair
✧ bakugo the cat isn't pleased
✧ hey kiri, don't you have something you want to tell bakugo?
#kamiden is done for today
✧ bakugo is doing his best for kiri
✧ too young
✧ how bad is this from 1 to 10
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