I'm a Biden supporter, and a former Clinton supporter. And let me tell you what I learned from 2016.

Stop yelling at undecided Sanders supporters that they support Trump if they don't vote Biden. They don't. They know how bad Trump is.

Start telling them why Biden is better.
Tell them that Biden wants to lower the Medicare age, expand Medicaid everywhere, create a cheap public option that ensures everyone can afford health care.

Tell them that Biden supports forgiving student debt for all middle class borrowers.
Tell them that Biden will appoint judges in the mold of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, break right-wing control of the courts and allow rulings like Citizens United, Shelby County, and Rucho to be overturned.

Tell them Biden has a climate plan based on the Green New Deal and IPCC models.
Tell them that Biden wants to decriminalize marijuana, end DEA enforcement in legalized states and expunge federal drug sentences.

Tell them that Biden wants to abolish anti-union laws statewide and give everyone a right to collective bargaining.
Tell them that Biden wants to cancel the GOP's corporate tax cuts and repeal loopholes that let billionaires cancel their back taxes when passing their wealth down.

Tell them that Biden wants to refocus our foreign policy to stop waging war and start promoting human rights.
And tell them, if they respond that any of these policies aren't as big and bold as they want, that between Trump and Biden, Biden will listen to the electorate and adapt his policies based on the will of the people.

It's an easy choice. #Biden2020
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