Wait, so xender got rid of banner ads and instead "recommends" apps now, by adding their apks to the transfer queue, and transferring them unless you remove it manually??!
Also somehow people don't find this horrible enough to rate less than 4 stars for this, which is perplexing me based on my usual experience with app reviews
They also claim that on O+ they need location access for transfer, which makes it seem like they simply need access to something unrelated, guarded by that perm, HOWEVER, they actually do use the Location APIs to get your GPS location.
The location is stored in shared preferences, and read while constructing the DeviceInfo object which is sent to their analytics. This thing contains A LOT of data. Including things like plain text IMEI, your google account name ?!?, MAC addresses and more.
Not too sure how they would justify this, but the two dialogs asking for location access are VERY misleading.
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